Turning back the clock to create a TGP / Link site for the little guy.
To provide a manually-run TGP / Link site that is friendly to newcoming webmasters by allowing FREE gallery & link submissions that actually have a chance at being posted.

It's hard to get your galleries seen on a TGP site these days.
You've got to have good connections or pay good money to be listed.

Not here.
If you have a legitimate site and/or galleries, and meet these requirements, you will be accepted.

1. You must have a legitimate site or domain where the galleries and thumbs are hosted. We don't host.
2. A link back to http://www.oldschoolthumbs.com/ is required somewhere on your site and/or gallery. We'll look for it before and after you are accepted.
3. No popups, popunders, poparounds, or pop-goes-the-weasels. Period.
4. Links from your gallery thumbs must go directly to the full-size image, or a clean simple page.
5. If posting a video gallery, it is recommended that the thumbs link to a page with the video embedded. 'Open With/Save As' links are annoying and scare people.
6. Only quality content will be accepted. We're talking like B grade or better.
7. Pretty much all popular niches accepted. If the content doesn't fit what we are willing to show, it will be denied. Basically, no illegal content or extremely hardcore content.
8. Descriptions required. Text sells. Make it good, sexy and truthful. 45 characters max. No punctuation or CAPS.
9. Fill out the fields below completely and accurately.

If you can follow these rules, your ass is in.

FYI: The main thumb you choose, (2), will be displayed at 75 X 100 pixels so it is recommended you make that image 75 X 100 or the closest possible proportion. Any thumbs that show up too distorted will unfortunately be denied. And NO borders allowed.

MAKE SURE the host of the gallery allows hotlinking images directly, otherwise it won't show. Because of this, the Thumb SRC field is not required. Accepted submissions with a valid Thumb SRC will appear in the Thumb View and accepted submissions without a valid Thumb SRC will appear in the Text View.

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